The background support for you to attain maximum value at minimum cost for your onsite dining services

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We can help with operations assessments, financial reviews, RFPs, external benchmarking, and contract compliance.


Are Your Customers

Our FoodExcel tool assists you with food safety, contract compliance, risk mitigation and quality assurance.

Are Your Customers

Our FoodWrite tool is an online customer engagement tool which can be used for RFPs, surveys, studies and research.

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Our FoodMark® tool is a financial and statistical performance metrics program to measure dining services.

Healthcare Hospitality Pricing Study

Corporate Dining, Inc. invites you to participate in our 2019 Healthcare Hospitality Pricing Study. This study will provide comparative pricing data for 26 general dining cafés, 4 catering meal types, and 10 vending products. The results of the study will help participants:

  • Plan their budgeting process
  • Have pricing improvements
  • Create contract compliance
  • Have vendor evaluations
  • Other applications specific to your facility

This study is at no cost to you. Simply participate and you will receive a copy of the survey results to help better your dining location. All data you share will be kept strictly confidential and only viewable in aggregate form to other study participants. Click here to participate

Want to see how your Vending prices stack up against other corporations in the U.S.? Wondered if health and wellness programs have changed what is being offered in Vending machines?

Vending MachineGet these answers, and more, by participating in Corporate Dining, Inc.’s 2018 Vending Study. For your participation, you will receive the Executive Summary Report with the Vending Market Basket averages by region, population, building type, classification, as well as answers to the above questions, and more. Study is live until April 20, 2018.

Click here to participate now!

Corporate Dining, Inc.

The process of continuous improvement

  • Founded in 1986, Corporate Dining, Inc. is a national project management consulting firm which specializes in helping you and your company improve the performance of your dining services. We execute over 40 projects annually and support a dining services benchmarking community of over one hundred twenty-five U.S. companies.
  • Our highly skilled and experienced team of consultants collaborates with your entire dining services operation. We can then leverage performance data to help your company or organization attain maximum value from your dining operations at minimum cost and help you achieve continuous improvement for your dining services.

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