Our Services

What We Do

Corporate Dining, Inc. is a dining services operations consulting firm that provides professional services and performance metrics to companies and organizations throughout the United States as well as around the world. We advise corporations by helping them to assess and improve their dining services. In addition, we provide benchmarking programs, workshops and educational seminars for our clients. Corporate Dining, Inc. provides the industry standard when it comes to measuring your dining services operation’s positive performance. We help you attain maximum value at minimum cost and put you on the path to the process of continuous improvement of your dining services.

We engage in approximately 40 projects per year, including: Operations Assessments, Request for Proposals, contract compliance, financial reviews, long-term strategy planning, and customer engagement. We have conducted project work for Google, Microsoft, The World Bank, Wells Fargo, Florida Blue, The Boeing Company, International Monetary Fund, WalMart and Morgan Stanley.

Why use our services?

Our clients are business owners only. Corporate Dining, Inc. liaisons and administrators use our statistical and project management resources to assess and improve your onsite dining services. Corporate Dining, Inc. has no contractual or business relationship with any dining services contractor so we can provide you fully independent assessments and recommendations. Our primary goal is to help you improve your dining services, improve your customer experience and maximize your return on investment (ROI).

What We Offer

Corporate Dining Inc.’s consulting services include:

  • Operations Assessments & Recommendations
  • Confidential Data Sharing
  • Financial Reviews
  • Continuous Improvement Programs
  • Benchmarking Programs
  • Financial and Statistical Data Exchange
  • Request For Proposal Process
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Leadership Goal Setting
  • Original Research Studies
  • Design and Renovation
  • Sustainable Evaluations and Recommendations
  • Workshops and Educational Seminars.


Corporate Dining, Inc. is an experienced support system for corporate dining services liaisons and contract administrators who want to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of their dining services so they can thrive in an increasingly competitive and financially challenging market.


Corporate Dining, Inc. is the background support for our clients to attain maximum value at minimum cost for their onsite dining services.


Corporate Dining, Inc. uses the discipline of benchmarking and the process of continuous improvement to build and support the client community. We build value for our clients by assisting them in discovering their needs and building tools and programs to take them to the future.


The dining services operations of Corporate Dining, Inc. clients ultimately operate at a higher level and a lower cost while enhancing customer satisfaction. Our clients can rely on our excellent support system so they can focus on other work, confident that  Corporate Dining, Inc. is functioning as a trusted team member.

Our Exclusive Tools

Our Quality Assurance and Contract Compliance Program, FoodExcel, is structured around your standards for excellence. We perform an onsite evaluation of your current methods and practices, through a series of questions designed to engage your staff and reduce their anxieties and fears. We work closely with you to design an evaluation process that fits your needs and can do anything from a simple survey to a full-day monitoring review.

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FoodWrite is our customer engagement program ranging from personal intercepts to vasts enterprise online surveys. With FoodWrite , we conduct simple yet substantial surveys to help you obtain accurate and useful customer service data. Our surveys provide a user-friendly and efficient means to find out what your leadership and employees think about your dining services.

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Our financial and statistical monitoring program, FoodMark®, is the only service of its kind. With it, we measure the efficiency of dining services. Access to this confidential clearinghouse provides you with internal and external Key Performance Indicators (KPI) data to assist you in making a continuous improvement plan for your program.

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