Are our customers safe?
Is the contractor doing what we ask them to do?

Corporate Dining, Inc.’s FoodExcel program provides analytic metrics and records to gather dining services data onsite to assure service standards, risk mitigation, quality assurance, food safety, building safety, and operator contract compliance.

We work with you to identify the key drivers of your contract and elements of your in-house dining services. An experienced professional visits your café locations with an iPad to record, photograph and score the Quality Assurance and contract compliance of your facility. We conduct Quality Assurance reviews for cafeterias, coffee shops, bistros, catering venues, micro marts, executive/private dining rooms, company stores, and vending. Some of the categories reviewed, to name a few, include: customer service, menus, cleanliness, food handling, health and wellness, allergens, product quality and product presentation. The data results for multiple locations are rolled into an enterprise-wide scorecard for easy access to your results. Observations and recommendations to improve the operations are included in the report sent to you.

We currently conduct, nationally, over 300 FoodExcel reviews per year. Most importantly, it is a teaching tool for helping dining services to get a little bit better every day.