FoodMark® FAQ

Who is a typical FoodMark® client?

Identified by the client, your representative may include individuals from:

  • Dining Services
  • Conference and Training Services
  • Property Management & Real Estate Services
  • Corporate & Associate Services
  • Facilities
  • Administration

What types of services does FoodMark® compare?

Data can be compared from your Cafés (General Dining), Catering, Private Dining, Office Coffee, Coffee Bar, Vending and any other Miscellaneous services you may have.

Can our data be compared to other corporations?

Comparing data is one of the goals of FoodMark®. Data may be “sorted” in many ways, including the size of the building population, geographic area, types of service, and more.

How is my confidentiality protected?

Corporate Dining, Inc. signs a confidentiality agreement with each client. Only you will see your data. Shared data is provided in aggregate form only.

Can you help me with specialized requests and/or reports for our corporate leadership?

Yes! That is one of the goals of the FoodMark® program. Frequently, leadership may request specific information to support business development activities or for presentations to upper management. FoodMark® will assist you in gathering the necessary information and provide the summary data to support you.

What does it cost?

There is an annual fee to participate in FoodMark®.

What is my financial guarantee?

If you do not see value in the FoodMark® program by the end of the first year, your money will be returned upon request.

Who is Corporate Dining, Inc.?

Formed in 1986, Corporate Dining, Inc. is a national corporate dining operations, design, and project management consulting firm and the developer of the FoodMark® program. Corporate Dining, Inc. conducts approximately 40 projects annually and supports a dining services benchmarking community of over 125 U.S. companies with 800+ venues.