Studies & Research

Since the very beginning of Corporate Dining, Inc., we have conducted Original Research and studies covering a range of topics for corporate dining services facilities. We gather data from a large pool of corporations representing private, public and government entities with varying facility sizes (please see Clients) in many regions around the United States. We believe this has been one of the best value-added services we can provide to our clients. Some examples of studies include:

  • Annual Pricing, Excess/(Deficit) and Participation Study (1999-2017)
  • Break Room and Vending Study
  • Wholesale Purchasing Market Basket
  • Supplier Relationship Study (2016, 2013, 2010, and 2008)
  • Conference Meeting Room Study
  • Contract Terms Study
  • Alcohol Policy Study
  • Impact of Dining Services on Corporate Productivity
  • Executive Dining Study
  • Vending Miser Study
  • Coffee Bar Study