What does it cost to operate our dining services?

FoodMark® is a confidential data-sharing program that benchmarks the financial and statistical information of onsite corporate dining services. It is the only service of its kind.

To date, over 145 corporations in the United States have participated in the data exchange, establishing industry standards for Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in dining services operations.

The FoodMark® program is an intuitive web-based program designed for the dining services industry that enables corporations to easily access accurate, actionable, and customized data that will help them effectively and intelligently maximize efficiencies, improve quality, and enhance customer satisfaction in their dining services operations. It provides personalized, real-time data that will help you identify areas of strength and weakness in your dining services operation. With this valuable data in hand, clients are able to identify and implement improvements to their methods and practices using monitoring tools, internal reports and external comparisons, as well as knowledgeable recommendations and support from their own personal Project Manager to help the client learn what the data tells them and how to extract improvements to methods and practices.

The FoodMark® program has developed proprietary criteria, tools, a glossary of terms, and systems to support benchmarking processes in corporate dining services.

FoodMark® is a results-driven, high-value, no-risk program that will help you maximize your ROI.

FoodMark® is nationally recognized as the industry standard in dining services Benchmarking. Our standards have been adopted by the Society for Hospitality and Foodservice Management (SHFM) and the Association for Healthcare Foodservice (AHF). FoodMark® uses the ASQ International Clearinghouse Code of Ethics for confidentiality and distribution.

FoodMark® Actionable Intelligence – Personal Support