Minimizing Corporate Cafeterias and Kitchen Hazards

Lori MurphyNews

The U.S. Department of Labor estimates approximately $70 billion each year in employee injuries result in compensation claims and days off work.

You can decrease the costs of your dining operations by ensuring safe practices in your corporate kitchens, serveries and cafeterias. Consider these issues in relation to your current operations:

  • Are employees wearing safety shoes to help avoid slipping?
  • Are all kitchen, servery and dining room spills cleaned up quickly, easily and completely?
  • Are heavy boxes placed on lower shelves to avoid drops or back injuries?
  • Are chemicals stored away from clean dishes?

This is only a partial list of potential dining operations hazards. Identifying potential issues in your corporate kitchen, service areas and cafeteria and finding ways to eliminate them so they don’t become costly headaches could significantly help your bottom line. Check out this article, 5 Ways to Minimize the Costs of Workplace Injuries, to learn how to spot dangers in the kitchens, serveries and cafeterias and how you can fix them.