Trends to shape noncommercial foodservice in 2018

Lori MurphyNews

As 2018 begins, the diners’ demands on foodservice operators grow and become more complex and customized.  Here are a few trends for the new year that will steer operators through the year.

  • Increase the speed of the customer orders without employee interaction – Locations are offering more convenient and user-friendly ordering systems. Customers use a touchpad or their own phones to place orders. Adding a self-service ordering kiosk can help customers avoid backlogs during popular meal times.
  • Offering a new style of Grab-n-Go for dinner Cafés have found a new use for the ever popular hot-bar steam tables; building your box meal to take home and reheat for a quick dinner is trending.
  • Protein: Location, Location, Location… – With retailers focusing on their budgets and sustainability, salad bars have moved the meats/proteins to the end of the salad bar. Cafés are anticipating that the customers will fill their containers with more plants than animal proteins.
  • Infused waters To reduce sugar and soda consumption, foodservice operators are offering more infused waters with herbs, fruits and vegetables. The sky is the limit for combinations.
  • Eat and stay awhile Many renovations are encouraging customers to stay in the cafés by offering seating that works for small groups, outlets to charge electronic devices and reclining furniture.
  • Decisions made easy Customers want to find nutritional information, such as allergens, calories, portion size, etc., easily.

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